Psychology, in the broadest sense, is the science that studies behavior and the mind. It examines conscious and unconscious events as well as emotions and thoughts.

Psychology is a very comprehensive scientific field. People who specialize in this field and who also conduct knowledge research are called psychologists. Although psychology is a social science, it also includes natural sciences. In particular, it uses and develops knowledge of brain biology. This science has many sub-branches; People who receive the title of expert psychologist by completing a master’s degree in any of the fields such as clinical psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, work to be beneficial to humanity in these fields where they develop themselves. Psychologists can work in various institutions such as mental health centers, kindergartens, schools, courthouses and detention centers, and often play a positive role in individual or social health by working in hospitals.

Just like physical ailments, in cases of mental disorders, individuals can regain their former health in a short time with the help of doctors. Psychologists, who have sufficient skills and expertise in their field, go to different treatment methods according to the individual situations of the clients who apply to them. In general, the aim of psychologists who provide psychological counseling, psychotherapy, psychological testing and psychological evaluations is to restore individuals to their former health as soon as possible. The psychological counseling method is generally based on the psychological counseling method in solving mild adaptation problems seen in people who do not feel well in social life and apply to a psychologist. In the treatment of more advanced behavioral disorders, the treatment process called psychotherapy begins. Psychologists provide detailed information about how and in what direction the treatment will take place and how long it will last to the patients who apply to them during the preliminary interview and thus the treatment is started.

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