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Oral and Dental Health Services;

Restorative Treatment / Restorative Dentistry: It is the process of restoring the aesthetic and functional properties of the tooth by filling the cavity formed as a result of cleaning the tooth decay with filling materials.

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment): Pulp is the vascular and nerve formation inside the tooth. As a result of inflammation of the pulp due to various factors (caries, gum disease, trauma, etc.), symptoms such as toothache and facial swelling occur in the patient. In this case, the decayed parts of the tooth and the inflamed nerve tissue are cleaned and the bacteria are removed from the area. After the nerve tissue of the tooth is removed, the remaining cavity is chemically and mechanically cleaned and filled with canal filling materials up to the root tip.

Dental Whitening / Dental Bleaching: It is the lightening of teeth that have changed colour due to various reasons over time or the person’s own natural tooth colour by a simple oxygenation process without damaging the enamel structure.

Implant Treatment / Implantology: It is the process of replacing the lost teeth in the mouth with artificial roots in the form of screws made of titanium. Teeth are completed by making prosthesis on these new screws.

Surgery / Dental Surgery: In some cases, there may be indications for tooth extraction. For example, in orthodontic patients, teeth that cause problems due to lack of space, periodontal (gum disease) reasons, impacted or semi-impacted teeth or teeth that are too decayed to be treated can be extracted.

Periodontology: In the early period of gum disease, plaque and calculus are removed from the gingival pocket using special dental instruments. Prosthodontics / Prosthodontics: In cases where natural teeth are not aesthetic and functional or missing, they are fixed or removable prostheses made in the laboratory and applied to patients.

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