Gynecology and Obstetrics

In addition to birth control, pregnancy planning and follow-up in our gynecology and obstetrics outpatient clinic;

Congenital problems,
Your tubes are closed,
Structural anomalies of the uterus,
Failure of the ovaries to develop,
Ovarian laziness
Cervical and uterine cancers,
Cysts in the ovary,
Intrauterine polyps or fibroids,
Intrauterine adhesions,
Infertility problem (Infertility),
Problems due to hormone disorders,
Infections of the sexual area,
Uterine prolapse or miscarriage,
Urinary incontinence,
Menstrual irregularity,
Hair growth and pubescence,
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,
Problems in menopause,
All kinds of diseases related to gynecology and obstetrics, such as problems related to early menopause, can be diagnosed and treated.

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